Post covid I have seen WYSIWYG* is being used explicitly i.e. "what you see is what you get". Here Git has another cool platform for live documentation.
Before you perform any integration, you must know about the platform/tool. How do we get to know about this? The best answer is documentation, yeah, you saw the right documentation. I usually segregate documentation into 2 types:-
  • Developer Documentation.
  • General Purpose Documentation.
General Purpose Documentation: If you are keen to know What and How?, then go with this type of documentation. In actual what features are there and how to leverage those are covered in general-purpose there, you do not bother about technicality.
Developer Documentation: Meta details about a tool you can get in this type, to integrate tool/platform with another tool/platform, this plays a key role as we'll get to know backend, apis available, authentication type it supports, and so on.
Our main focus would be on the technical part, so, Developer documentation is useful for us. Below is a brief introduction to both platforms.

What is GitBook ?

GitBook is a modern documentation platform where you/teams can document everything from products to internal knowledge-bases and APIs.
Features of GitBook:
  • Teams to work more efficiently.
  • User-friendly and Collaborative.
  • Enjoy living documentation.
  • Customized Branding.
GitBook offers REST API, which means it can be integrated over HTTPS, here you will learn What & How about GitBook APIs.
The best to explain ServiceNow is Workflows for the modern enterprise. It would be injustice with cloud based platform if we call it only ticketing tool, no, its not only ticketing tool its more than that as well.
Digital workflows are the building blocks for the modern experiences employees want and customers expect.
This cloud platform has got magical powers which reduces the complexity and make work, work better for people.
Most of us scratching their head as it's only for documentation then why GitBook? So, apart from the documentation you can make your notes, capture product details, create your own knowledge base, and also you can use it as a blogging website by giving custom subdomain.