Hostname/End-point URL & methods

End-point is imperative for integration, it is the exact path which one system follow to communicate with other system.
First of all, a quick notice during the beta:
  • You should not use this API in production (as the beta is not completed)
  • API methods may change at any time.
  • The API is using a temporary hostname that will change post-beta (hostname will stay up for a short migration period).
A Hostname is not public and they asked me to not share it with non-beta participants but if you are keen to know about hostname or endpoint either contact GitBook support or reach out to me at Aashish Atrey, I will help you get the $hostname or what you say end-point URL.
I always see end-point URL as a combination of 2 parts:- • Base Url which is the common URL of tool/platform. • Resource Path which is an actual path where the tool process the request in actual and return response.
https://$HOSTNAME ==>
This is a sample, how $hostname looks like in actuality. We will see how to use $hostname/Endpoint and API Token, when we configure ServiceNow to make a Rest call to GitBook. So far we have understood or extract the Authentication and Endpoint Url(Base URL) now let's extract resource-path or you can say actual path or method. To know more about it kindly check developer documentation of Rest API for GitBook.